Donor Eggs / Donor Sperm

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer egg donation treatment and sperm donation treatment in Mauritius at present. We are still waiting for permission, from the Ministry of Health, who informed us in 2008, that they were waiting for a legal framework to be drawn up by the Ministry of Justice, who were waiting for a bill to be presented to Parliament for approval. We are still waiting!!!

Couples requiring these treatments are being treated by Dr Goswamy abroad where it is legal to provide these treatments. He travels to India 2-3 times per year to treat patients personally with confidentiality of Donors and Recipients being maintained throughout. Anonymity of the donors is guaranteed.

Egg donation is the only option for women who have stopped producing eggs. Failure of ovaries can be caused by radiotherapy, chemotherapy, surgery, endometriosis or genetic problems resulting in premature menopause.

This insufficiency of the ovaries can also be caused by age and egg donation is best solution for these ladies and for those whose eggs are of poor quality.

Donors are screened for relevant pathologies like HIV, Hepatitis, Hepatitis C and infectious diseases such as sexually transmitted infections. The blood group of the recipient or her husband is matched with that of the Donor. Egg Donors are ladies below 30 yrs of age, who already have at least one child and who do not have any genetic risk factor. They have ovarian stimulation, ultrasound monitoring and egg collection as described in the section on IVF.

The recipient’s cycle is synchronized with the Donor’s cycle, with the help of Estrogen tablets and Progesterone in order to prepare the endometrium to receive embryos. The endometrial thickness is monitored by ultrasound scans.

You should plan to be abroad for 7-10 days for this treatment. Any spare embryos are frozen to be used by you later. Pregnancy rates are related to the age of the donor and not to the age of the recipient. The pregnancy test is done 2 weeks after the replacement of embryos.

To ensure that there is no problem with your endometrium, it is possible that DrGoswamy will advise that you undergo a “Dummy Run” 2 or 3 months before your treatment. During this, close monitoring of the endometrium is carried out while you take Estrogen tablets and Progesterone, and an endometrial biopsy is done and sent to the lab to confirm good development of the endometrium.

Before proceeding with Donor Insemination we recommend that the female partner is thoroughly investigated by blood tests, vaginal ultrasound scan and tubal patency testing if indicated.

All of these will be discussed at your initial consultation.

We aim to use sperm from a donor who has similar physical characteristics to your partner. e.g. colour of eyes and hair, ethnic origin, build and blood group.

If we cannot obtain sperm with similar characteristics to the male partner, then we will match with the female partner. Once the sperm has been assigned, the physical characteristics, and a short biography of the donor can be disclosed to the recipients.